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Company Name:
Campus Concepts Inc.
Position Type:
Company founded: 1987
We have kicked off an aggressive nationwide expansion campaign for the following long term career opportunities:
3 Divisions
Sales Telecommuters work from home, closer.
Sales Local outside sales agent.
Sales - Traveling outside sales agent.
Campus Relations - No selling work from home.
Recruiter - Virtual opportunity.
Perfect for:
Sales Professionals Specialty Advertising Pros - Closers -Telemarketers - Stay-at-Home Moms Recent College Grads.
Your criteria for a career change or just starting out may match our client companys needs and wants. Below is a brief description of:
The Official Campus Publishers & Printers Career Opportunities
As a member of our team you will be assigned exclusive contracts with department heads for major high schools, colleges and universities within your territory. These educational institutions order custom designed media guides, book covers, school folders and sports calendars. Business sponsorship subsidize the entire cost so theres NO CHARGE to the campus.
The Power of Leverage!
Sales: Outside / Telecommuting
This is a 3rd party sale using the name of the school name as leverage when calling on local businesses surrounding your assigned campus. That power ensures you will never have a bad lead and every business can benefit from our services. Our customer base includes businesses that are either contracted by the institution, have emotional ties to the campus or seek an R.O.I. from their investment. Building long term relations with your customer base ensures future income from not only other publications but other assigned campuses within your territory.
Estimated income: $64k to $112k
Campus Relations:
A long term work from home opportunity. The position of the Campus Relations Director is to contact department heads of educational institutions nationwide. This free offer is to allow us to manufacture and supply FREE OF CHARGE to that contracted school system our book covers, folders and sports calendars. The primary goal of the director is to obtain signed contracts and verification letters from the campuses.
Estimated income: $34k to $62k
Human Resources:
This position is 2 fold and includes the placing and maintaining of current ad posts, online interviews and training & orientation of new hires. The position duties are conducted virtually and over the phone within our companys online office suite from the comfort of your home
Estimated income: $54k to $82k
Advancement $100k +
Successful agents will be given the opportunity to advance into our middle management program. This is a results based promotion NOT seniority based. These assignments will create additional steady streams of residual income. There will be less direct selling, a higher ratio to close and more training and maintaining of new hires. The value of this position is estimated to bring your yearly income level well into the $100k plus range.
These publications have been around FOREVER!
Businesses will ALWAYS sponsor school programs!
Were not governed by federal or state laws causing BUBBLES!
You will NEVER EVER have a hang-up, mean or nasty call!
What BETTER leverage to get your foot in the door then the campus name!
This is NOT a one-time sale, our renewal rate is over 70%!
There NO such thing as a bad lead in our business!
This is in NO WAY like any other sales company!
This is a third party sales the POWER being the campus!
NO restrictions on who we can sell and when we can sell them!
There are no layoffs, downsizing, budget cuts ZERO!
All our contracts with campuses are exclusive NO COMPETITION!
Testimonials go to: please apply online for current agent testimonials.
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Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.